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This wonderful instrument can save you thousands upon thousands in orthodontic fees. Myobrace will also allow your child to have straight teeth without having to go to the expense or trouble of branches. From ages 6-10 is when children are growing their first permanent teeth. It is critical that they grow in well as issues such as crowding will not only cause crooked teeth, but also a misaligned jaw. In many cases, the problems that occur with mouth breathing, incorrect lip and tongue function, cannot even be treated with braces and extractions. The goal of Myobraces is naturally straight teeth for life and without braces our retainers.

Children, regrettably, are not taught at an early age how to breathe, swallow, and use their facial muscles correctly. As a result of this, they often develop bad habits that result in an incorrect growth of their facial bones that results in misaligned or crooked teeth.As they grow up, certain features of their face can become misaligned and the child may not want to smile because of how it looks.

The Myobrace system eliminates the bad habits early so that the child’s face can form correctly; It is also referred to as the MRC Trainer.

For example, the when the child is breathing through the mouth and not their nose, thereby having to hold the tongue in the wrong position, the teeth can be formed crookedly. The lower teeth can be pushed back, causing crowding of the teeth and crooked growth.

The trainer is worn daily for 1-2 hours and to bed at night. They force the child to breathe through their nose and tone the lips so they remain closed naturally, while providing the correct resting place for the tongue. This program retrains the muscles so that the bones grow better and the teeth straighten up. Your child will be provided with exercises that they will practice at home. The longer the bad habits have remained in place, the more work will be required in order to retrain them. If the habits started in the child’s earlier years. the jaws may have already become unbalanced.